Marketing Services

Rooted in traditional advertising, Christy’s extensive experience in all aspects of marketing, media and design production, her skill-set and expertise has evolved into a “leading edge” full-service ad agency. She is grounded in disciplines critical for marketing analysis, and understands how to integrate traditional advertising and modern digital marketing tools for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Digital Marketing

Christy is adept in numerous on-line marketing platforms and project management software. She can design landing pages with automated message sequencing, email marketing, integrate E-commerce, lead management, SEO, Google AdWords & Analytics, Facebook PPC, Social Media Optimization, audio & video production, website design and improvements.

Media Planning and Ad Placement

Providing market research, strategic planning and securing the best rates for any ad buy; Christy can facilitate a cohesive ad campaign and promote your brand to potential customers to get the most “bang for your buck” with effective media placement. Working within your budget, she can manage everything from a comprehensive marketing planning to securing ad placement on a local or national level, through TV, radio, podcasts, outdoor media, targeted online e-marketing, special events, promotions and distribution of marketing materials.

Christy will diligently monitor and ensure all media placement is on point by consistently measuring ROI (return on investment), adjusting and improving as needed. She can also provide social media resources, and maintain visual consistency with all digital presence.

Copy Writing, Edit & Blog

Leading Edge can enhance the voice of your organization across various channels, lending creativity and consistency to your communications. Christy can write compelling content that gets your customer’s attention.

Consumers are becoming desensitized to most traditional marketing with trendy catch phrases, stock photos and hype. In this highly competitive market, your business needs to stand apart from the competition with a personable customized method to reach your target audience.

Christy can capture the true essence of your offerings, creating continuity with all marketing outlets – to influence potential customers on a physical, mental and emotional level – THAT is “marketing magic” and the secret to success with any business!

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