Whether you’re creating a new business concept, updating an existing project, or would like fresh marketing ideas from a seasoned professional, Christy Grace can help you take it to the next level.

LEADING EDGE PRODUCTIONS provides custom graphic design and innovative marketing solutions to boost your business, project or event. Christy is an experienced promoter and can produce your conference, retreat, festival or any type of event (large & small), as well as provide: 

• Layout and Graphic Design
• Audio and/or Video Production

• Marketing Collateral (digital or print)
• Website Development & Maintenance
• Event Organizing & Promotions
• Creative Marketing Strategy
• Social Media Management
• Content Creation & Articles
• SEO/SEM, Insights & Analytics
• Email Sequencing & Automations


As a passionate marketing expert and experienced graphic artist, Christy Grace can provide well-crafted content, creative design concepts, and branding solutions to improve your business visibility and professional image.

With over two decades of experience working in all aspects of marketing and advertising, Christy can help you amplify your marketing message to reach potential customers.

By understanding what motivates your customers to buy your products or services is the key to unlocking the power of your sales potential. Knowing how to prompt impulsive purchases by influencing an emotional response is the art of marketing magic. Your business identity and marketing message needs to resonate with your intended audience and compel them to take action. >> LEARN MORE <<


Leading Edge Productions provides event planning services for any type of affair. Christy has produced dozens of large and small events. She can help you stay on track with all production-related tasks for a smooth and memorable shindig.

• Event Coordination & Details
• Site Inspections & Permitting
• Timelines, Schedules & Presentations
• Vendor Communications (Catering, Lighting, Sound, etc.)
• Music, Photography & Videography Coordination



Christy can create a new website from start to finish for your business, or customize any existing WordPress based site. She’ll walk you through the process of purchasing your domain name and web hosting. Also provide website maintenance for content updates and/or offer training for you to edit your own website once we get it all set up.

Christy has designed numerous websites including:,,, Starseed Kids Camp, Nurtured Blossom,, SparkleMotionArtistry.comSacred Balance Healing, and many more!

Whatever your ideas are, LEADING EDGE PRODUCTIONS can help bring your vision to reality. CONTACT CHRISTY to discuss your project.